Stormy Night

While she lay in bed wide awake, suddenly the darkness cracked for a split second as the lightening bolt snaked into her room through the open window. Coiled up inside, wrenching apart parts of the darkness and then merged away into the shadows once again. The thunder roared like an angry beast expressing it’s thirst. […]

It’s been raining …

‚ÄčIt’s been raining since three days incessantly. It poured heavily, throughout the whole night. Then as the dawn appeared, the sky slowly cleared. The dark clouds grew pale and lighter. Blown by the air, they scattered across the vast ocean of blue like flakes of cotton afloat. And like tiny damp petals, it drizzled. Standing […]

A Red Nano

A Red Nano car sped past Insiyah on the wet road, missing her by just a few inches. It was drizzling and it was an hour past sunset. The road glinted in the yellow street lamps and Insiyah stood with her umbrella at one side, a little unfocussed. She watched the Nano make an arc, […]


It was raining when Raima came out of the building. Her friends had promised to pick her up at 5 from Thunderpoint. But there was no sign of her friend’s car anywhere near the entrance of the building. She hated waiting. The moment she came out from under the building’s entrance into the footpath, it […]