Inked Existence

Words are stuck in my mouth like salt from the sea breeze clinging on to your lips. The wind breaks open the skin and creates new gulfs between our languages. I want to touch you, fold you in my arms and watch you evaporate under my gaze. The sense of pleasure shivering down the trunk […]

Moonlit Town

It was a quiet dark night. And the mountains stood still against the black sky. Pregnant with dazzling white light, the moon could be seen peeping furtively from behind them. It was a full moon night. Slowly, inch by inch the white glowing ball crawled up towards the sky, lighting the shadowed mountains beneath and […]

A Story to Tell

Each brick on that wall has a story – Every cloud floating on the sky has a story – Scattered pebbles by the sea shore have a story – A story to tell Waiting for you To unearth, and to hear Times when you sit alone in the dark Or when you stand by yourself […]

Morning Walk

He was walking through the field. Alone. The day was slowly breaking out, the sun still hidden behind translucent pink and orange clouds. White sky. Yellow morning. And a light breeze caressing his face. He closed his eyes and savored the blowing wind. It was tender and moist. Almost tangible. He had been walking bare […]


It was twilight. Dusk was just setting in. The sun, a red ball was drowning into the sea of sky, to rise up again somewhere else. Little birds were making their last hasty visits to the trees before bidding them goodbye. Leaves shook their heads glumly. As if acknowledging Nature’s falling curtains on the stage […]


School would get over earlier that day. And Bridget was excited since morning. She loved taking a detour through that little forest on her way back. As soon as the bell rang, she got up to pack, ignoring her friends and their suspicious glances, she stuffed her books inside and shoved her pouch further into […]


Leaves of autumn fly low, With the wind that blows on the pavements; Nobody knows where they go, By the evening twilight, They fly away.. And when summer comes. Leaves of spring bloom out, From twigs and branches anew; At the tips, lush green They shine bright in the sunlight, And nod their dainty heads […]