Stormy Night

While she lay in bed wide awake, suddenly the darkness cracked for a split second as the lightening bolt snaked into her room through the open window. Coiled up inside, wrenching apart parts of the darkness and then merged away into the shadows once again. The thunder roared like an angry beast expressing it’s thirst. […]


The sunlight mellowed as it rested on the metal head of the lamp post. It was a late winter afternoon. Sitting alongside the glass wall of the cafe that overlooked the busy street across, she sat stirring a cup of coffee lost in her own thoughts. She was thinking about her mother and wondering how […]


I have sex in a dark room without fans. A room filled with cigarette smoke and the smell of tobacco mixed with the rank stench of beer and vomit, heavy in the air, waiting to settle down on our bare bodies like dust in an old storeroom. I lie there on the hard plank thinking […]


​You feel static, existing in a void. Some kind of a claustrophobic emptiness. So grey. Almost noiseless, like dry yellow leaves falling on soggy mud. Like snow. Little snowflakes descending silently on everything, the trees, the land, the roofs, the empty wooden benches in the park, the top of the street lamps. Enshrouding the whole […]


Early morning when she picked up her bagpack and left the house, it was still dark outside. The wind had stopped blowing, every sound was holding its breath, waiting for the dawn to break. As she walked down the empty street, she felt like the only person awake in the whole sleeping neighbourhood. On her […]

You are, you

You have flaws, Some little things amiss, Just a wee bit misfit; In this world of clumsy people, You are one more klutz. Walking down the busy street You are one more bobbing head, Bustling through the afternoon traffic Just another pair of legs, In the sea of crowd You are but a tiny drop. […]


Lights in a bar making elastic rebounds Shooting over space like a boomerang Hitting walls and disappearing amidst the crowd Red blue yellow lights glittering in the air Shimmering and trembling, Light and shadow blending into bright darkness The swaying bodies, the blaring loudspeakers, The stench of alcohol, sweat and cheap perfumes And people on […]


Water has a strange beauty in itself. Tangible yet elusive. Wave after wave, it will crash on the shore and pull the sand away from below. Beneath your feet, you would feel the sand shifting, the water tugging and swallowing it in. I remember it clearly.. it was a bright afternoon. And the water was […]