~Le Souvenir D’Amour~

Je me souviens d’elle quand il neige  Dans le ciel vaste, les étoiles sont apparues et disparues Quand l’odeur de la cigarette et des chocolats se mélange, Ça me souviens d’elle encore Ses cheveux courte et son tattoo dans la main Ses yeux petites qui disparues  chaque fois qu’elle souri Un sourire sans penser Un […]

You are, you

You have flaws, Some little things amiss, Just a wee bit misfit; In this world of clumsy people, You are one more klutz. Walking down the busy street You are one more bobbing head, Bustling through the afternoon traffic Just another pair of legs, In the sea of crowd You are but a tiny drop. […]


Lights in a bar making elastic rebounds Shooting over space like a boomerang Hitting walls and disappearing amidst the crowd Red blue yellow lights glittering in the air Shimmering and trembling, Light and shadow blending into bright darkness The swaying bodies, the blaring loudspeakers, The stench of alcohol, sweat and cheap perfumes And people on […]

A Story to Tell

Each brick on that wall has a story – Every cloud floating on the sky has a story – Scattered pebbles by the sea shore have a story – A story to tell Waiting for you To unearth, and to hear Times when you sit alone in the dark Or when you stand by yourself […]

Pressure Cooker

The whistle of the pressure cooker Goes on and on.. Wailing like a child in the distant, Wailing in complain of the building up pressure inside of it. When the tiny little outlet gets plugged, The whistle dies at the lips of the cooker. Up and down shivers it’s lid, While the gas underneath – […]


Leaves of autumn fly low, With the wind that blows on the pavements; Nobody knows where they go, By the evening twilight, They fly away.. And when summer comes. Leaves of spring bloom out, From twigs and branches anew; At the tips, lush green They shine bright in the sunlight, And nod their dainty heads […]