Stormy Night

While she lay in bed wide awake, suddenly the darkness cracked for a split second as the lightening bolt snaked into her room through the open window. Coiled up inside, wrenching apart parts of the darkness and then merged away into the shadows once again.

The thunder roared like an angry beast expressing it’s thirst. Nature was raging. It was pouring. The sky was sobbing. The trees shook their heads in silent consolation. 

But she wasn’t afraid. It thrilled her. The sounds of thunder and the flashes of lightening jolted her out of the monotonous life.

It was a refreshing unpredictability. She loved the uncertainty, the suddenness of it. Her eyes twinkled in the dark, reflecting the luminiscent wet street lamps outside. A small smile played on her face. She didn’t have dimples on her cheeks. Just one soft dent in her chin where the darkness settled down and refused to leave. She looked out blindly at the chaos of wind sound and confused raindrops. One soul alone wide awake amidst the storm.


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