Waiting for the train to move..

Like troops of soldiers, the dark deep clouds keep gathering in the sky silently. There was not a breeze blowing, not a single leaf on the branch moved. Everything was still, except the low voices of people speaking in soft whispers, expressing their anxiety. They stared at the grey sky outside and talked to each other with worried faces, pointing towards the clouds.

The train had stopped on its tracks, and the people had begun to feel restless. The voices rose, the gestures became more animated. Some birds flew away at random directions apparently lost just like the sun. The younger people were the most nervous. Already late for schools and colleges, they wondered if they would still make it in time. They remembered with remorse how they had refused to carry the umbrellas. The prospect of getting wet though exciting at other times, was a little daunting now.

And then it happened.

A few sparse drops at first, one two three falling hesitantly, like a light drizzle and then suddenly the leaves shook, the thunder roared, the wind blowed and the distant features were all merged into a big white mess of pouring rain and fog.

The speakers came alive and they announced something over the static on the microphone. Though barely comprehensible, the message over the speakers seemed to bring some relief to the passengers on board. Some of them started laughing at their own ridiculous predicament. Stranded in a train in the middle of nowhere, unknown to one another, people found companions and were assured by this.

We share this feeling within us. No matter where, or in what situation, we find ourselves hopeful even in the direst of circumstances if we have some other fellow humans around us. It is a thin thread that bonds us all to one another, known and unknown people related by an invisible source of common fate.

While the rain battled with the wind outside, the people waited patiently, some talking amongst themselves and others sitting quietly watching it. They waited together for the cycle of life to continue, for the train to start moving again.


8 thoughts on “Waiting for the train to move..

  1. You have a very keen eye for details…and the writing skill to conjure and express in the most subtle of ways human nature and emotions.
    Awesome post I must say! 👍🙂
    Lemongrass is indeed the utmost representation of your blog. It truly awakens the senses!

    Liked by 1 person

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