You are, you

You have flaws,
Some little things amiss,
Just a wee bit misfit;
In this world of clumsy people,
You are one more klutz.

Walking down the busy street
You are one more bobbing head,
Bustling through the afternoon traffic
Just another pair of legs,
In the sea of crowd
You are but a tiny drop.

In the infinite stretch of years passed
Your life is just a speck,
In the story of the planet
You are but one word, or even less.
You are, you.

Even if a little crooked,
With a few parts missing, here and there
Riddled with imperfections,
Tearing at the edges,
Maybe a wee bit misfit.
Inspite of that all,
You are, you.

And that’s all you need to be.
Just You.


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