Strangers in the Night

Late at night, the station looked so desolate and empty. A handful of people stood scattered near the edges, two strangers sat on a long bench on the platform. They were waiting to catch the last train of the day.

The hooded figure on the right was sleeping and kept nodding off. The person seated on the left was feeling bored and listless. His phone was dead and he was left with nothing to do. With his head propped up on his hands above his knees, he leaned forward to watch the people around him. And he noticed the dozing form beside him.

The stranger’s chin was resting on top of her bag, while her hands were folded over it, clutching it tightly. Her hood looked like it could fall off any minute, and peeping from inside it were her heavily dishevelled brown hair. 

Just then the station clock chimed an hour, ringing loud and clear. The hood fell off and brown hair cascaded down her shoulders loosely. She woke with a start. Wiping the drool, she looked around blankly trying to get her bearings.

He stopped staring at her and looked the other way. He couldnt help but smile as he thought of how funny the whole sight was. Then he suddenly realised that the train had finally crawled into the station. He got up to leave. The girl beat him to it and she made a run for the train. As soon as the door opened she rushed in to grab a window seat. He laughed a little and followed her. She looked up at him curiously.

He smiled back at her as he sat down facing her. The doors closed again. The train started pulling out of the platform and the next station could be heard being announced inside the compartment.


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