Lights in a bar making elastic rebounds Shooting over space like a boomerang Hitting walls and disappearing amidst the crowd Red blue yellow lights glittering in the air Shimmering and trembling, Light and shadow blending into bright darkness The swaying bodies, the blaring loudspeakers, The stench of alcohol, sweat and cheap perfumes And people on […]


The watchman standing near the gates of the appartment had been there since three hours in the cold dreary winter night. The wind was picking up along the pavements and carrying dry leaves across the road. They made a shuffling noise breaking the otherwise slumbering silence of the neighbourhood. The burly man was probably in […]

Strangers in the Night

Late at night, the station looked so desolate and empty. A handful of people stood scattered near the edges, two strangers sat on a long bench on the platform. They were waiting to catch the last train of the day. The hooded figure on the right was sleeping and kept nodding off. The person seated […]