Moonlit Town

It was a quiet dark night. And the mountains stood still against the black sky.

Pregnant with dazzling white light, the moon could be seen peeping furtively from behind them. It was a full moon night.

Slowly, inch by inch the white glowing ball crawled up towards the sky, lighting the shadowed mountains beneath and pouring moonlight all over the town below. Roads washed in moonlight, trees covered with the silver light and little houses with snow white terraces.

Dew-drenched leaves glistened in the soft light. Some birds mistook it for the breaking of dawn and started chirping. Wind shifted the shadows on the lanes as the clouds played with the moon above.

The place seemed to be waiting for something with bated breath. It was enchanting and solemn at the same time. The penetrating silence in the air made the moonlit town hauntingly beautiful.


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