A Busy Day

“You are late.”

Aww! Dani!! Cute cute snow fur ball! Why you so grumpy faced? Did Dani miss me today?

“Nope. I have a busy life unlike you. Hmph.”

I missed my tiny furry balled Dani. Wait, I’ll fix you something. Ok?

“Yeah, its hightime you fix me something. But first.. Scratch my neck.”

Oh my baby wants to be petted.. doesnt she? Mmm..

“No. Wait.. Dont go yet. Pet me a bit more. Hey! You rude piece of … urgh these humans have so little attention span!”

I lick my paws and watch her preparing my meal. It better be my milk that she is pouring into that bowl. Yes, it has to be mine. That bowl is mine. She is an intelligent one, she knows green is my favorite color so she gave me that green bowl on Christmas. The last owner was an imbecile, always pulling my ears as if they were elastic ribbons. Sick human kids.

I hate getting hungry. I stood up and stretched myself, it sent shivers down my spine. I want to sleep more. I’ll eat and then sleep.

Dani!! Here, come have your supper!

What a fool. I was already sitting, waiting for her to put the bowl down. Graawr!

Oh! There you are.

She put down the bowl finally. I sniffed, and started slurping up the milk. It was lukewarm.

“Ah! I love this. God bless you my sweet owner.”

*she laughs* Ah! That’s why the grumpy face. Dani was hungry! Aww.. I’m so sorry to be late.

“Hmm. You better be on time tomorrow.”

She went and settled down on the sofa, pulling her legs up and folding them neatly. After finishing the milk, I walked slowly to her. I jumped on the sofa beside her and nudged her with my head. I want her to lull me to sleep. She sings damn well.

*she starts humming a tune and pets the curled up white cat in her lap*

“What? Stop smiling at me like that. It’s creepy!”

She cant hear me. So I will have to tolerate her goofy grin, I guess. Anyways, she takes better care of me when she is happy. Well.. I’ll let her smile then.


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