It was twilight. Dusk was just setting in. The sun, a red ball was drowning into the sea of sky, to rise up again somewhere else.

Little birds were making their last hasty visits to the trees before bidding them goodbye. Leaves shook their heads glumly. As if acknowledging Nature’s falling curtains on the stage of Earth.

Silhouettes of shops and buildings could still be made out in the faint evening. But the darkness was spreading quickly, inconspicously, and like a silent blanket. Heavy and deep, all around.

Street lights bloomed at every corner and lanes; dim at first and then slowly luminiscent. They floated in the air like lumps of bright balloons. Pale yellow light spilling on and across the footpath below.

A dog sat on the steps of a nearby shop, eyes wide open staring at the empty road ahead. The lamp above him flickered and so did its reflection in his eyes. Giving it a strange gleam.

From far if one was to look beyond, it would seem like this tiny hamlet had already fallen fast asleep in the lap of the hills. Before the nightfall.


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