Different can be beautiful too.


Evelyn had a square face with well defined jaws that gave a glint of determination to her black beady eyes. Her high cheek bones and large forehead made her look intelligent. She had thick eyebrows that arched down. A prominent nose and a proud raised chin. Her hair was short and would cling in curls near her nape.

There was a certain innate rhythm about her physical structure that was devoid of any weakness or fragilty. She had perfectly muscled legs and arms sculpted like an athlete. She was tall and handsome. Her figure screamed personality. She walked briskly with a little swing at her hips and her sneakers would squeak with every step she took.

Men and women alike turned their heads to watch her, enamoured by her.


William loved to play the piano. He had long and delicate fingers. He would wave his hands in fluid circles whenever he talked, and they would make their own pictures in the air.

He was short for his age and walked with a slight limp. His long brown hair flowed down till his shoulders, soft and wavy that blowed with the wind. He had pale blue eyes, cold and detached yet filled with so much emotion that the ice could freeze fire in its glorious state of wild fury.

William was not physically strong but the way he carried himself with a certain shyness, would make you drawn towards him. Like the tendrils twisting around a twig his bell-like voice would entice you and tempt you like the Pied Piper. He could sing melodies. But he liked to play the piano more, just humming to himself.

He never stood out in crowds yet when there was silence in the halls people would find themselves staring at him.


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