A Story to Tell

Each brick on that wall has a story – Every cloud floating on the sky has a story – Scattered pebbles by the sea shore have a story – A story to tell Waiting for you To unearth, and to hear Times when you sit alone in the dark Or when you stand by yourself […]

Pressure Cooker

The whistle of the pressure cooker Goes on and on.. Wailing like a child in the distant, Wailing in complain of the building up pressure inside of it. When the tiny little outlet gets plugged, The whistle dies at the lips of the cooker. Up and down shivers it’s lid, While the gas underneath – […]

A dream deferred

When you look at someone living the life of your dream, the life that you had always wanted to live, the dream that had made you toil through those years of unappreciated labour.. when you watch another person living it, while you are standing in the corner hiding amidst the darkness and silently watching them; […]

Morning Walk

He was walking through the field. Alone. The day was slowly breaking out, the sun still hidden behind translucent pink and orange clouds. White sky. Yellow morning. And a light breeze caressing his face. He closed his eyes and savored the blowing wind. It was tender and moist. Almost tangible. He had been walking bare […]

A Busy Day

“You are late.” Aww! Dani!! Cute cute snow fur ball! Why you so grumpy faced? Did Dani miss me today? “Nope. I have a busy life unlike you. Hmph.” I missed my tiny furry balled Dani. Wait, I’ll fix you something. Ok? “Yeah, its hightime you fix me something. But first.. Scratch my neck.” Oh […]


It was twilight. Dusk was just setting in. The sun, a red ball was drowning into the sea of sky, to rise up again somewhere else. Little birds were making their last hasty visits to the trees before bidding them goodbye. Leaves shook their heads glumly. As if acknowledging Nature’s falling curtains on the stage […]

The New ‘Clumsy’ Professor

Mr. Murphy was late. He was the new, young professor with barely a couple of year’s teaching experience. And he was very late. His coat was hanging half-open, the first two buttons of his shirt had come undone, and one could perceive a small stain on the collar. His boots were not polished like usual, […]


Different can be beautiful too. 1 Evelyn had a square face with well defined jaws that gave a glint of determination to her black beady eyes. Her high cheek bones and large forehead made her look intelligent. She had thick eyebrows that arched down. A prominent nose and a proud raised chin. Her hair was […]