As she walked across the street bathed in morning sunshine and a little drizzle, on her way back from the groceries. She heard the distant humming of footsteps falling in unison and the animated voices of people talking excitedly to one another.

If it was any other day, she would have been in a hurry to go home and get ready for her work. But today, it was Sunday. So she stood waiting at the corner, squinting down the sloping road which hid half the town from her view.

And in a few minutes the hubbub of sounds started rolling in waves towards her, she wondered what could it be?

She saw a girl climbing the road with her dog. Then another man strolling up with his poodle. And there followed other young men and woman walking uphill, their dogs panting along with them. German shepherds, dalmatians, labradors, beagles, poodles and other breeds that she couldnt even name. They surrounded her like a flock of sheep. There would have been almost twenty to twenty-three dogs.

She was overjoyed. She had never seen so many dogs together before. The jolly crowd laughed and shouted among themselves, trickling past her in twos and threes. A guy smiled and nodded at her in passing.

“Where are you all going?” She asked him.

“To the waterfall! Why dont you join us? Come, come along!” He waved at her to fall in line with them.

She laughed softly and shook her head.

She looked at the group of merry makers until they became just a tiny trembling spot at the end of the road, her eyes still twinkling with her smile.


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