A Red Nano

A Red Nano car sped past Insiyah on the wet road, missing her by just a few inches. It was drizzling and it was an hour past sunset. The road glinted in the yellow street lamps and Insiyah stood with her umbrella at one side, a little unfocussed.

She watched the Nano make an arc, splashing mud everywhere and stopping abruptly. A guy in white T-shirt got out and hurried across the street. She watched him sheltering himself from the rain with his hands and entering a shop on the opposite side of the road.

She looked back at the red car standing there in the rain, throwing its two long rays of light on the road ahead. She shook her head muttering something about “reckless young fools” while adjusting her umbrella. Then she started to walk again.

She walked past the car slowly. After taking a few steps more, she paused to look back. It was still parked beside the road. A faint rumbling noise, half-drowned by the pattering raindrops on her umbrella.

Insiyah glanced at the shop once more. The guy was nowhere in sight. She turned back in the direction she was going earlier. Still at the last moment, she changed her mind and strode hastily towards the red car.

She peeped inside and tapped on the window glass. There was a young girl sitting in the front. On hearing the tap she pulled the window down.

“Urm.. would you mind if I tell you something?” Insiyah asked her.

“No.. what happened?”

“Actually I was walking and.. and I just happened to see how this car sped right past me and it just worried me.. ”

“Why? Were you hurt??”

“Uh noo.. its just, you know how its raining.. and its very dangerous to drive so fast .. just tell him to not drive so rashly. Just.. take care ok?”

The girl noticed the frown on Insiyah’s face and smiled at her as understanding dawned in her eyes.
“Yes. I was just scolding him for that. I will tell him. Dont worry. And thanks.. thanks for caring.”

Insiyah gave her a small smile before walking away quickly, suddenly feeling a bit awkward. Few paces from the car, she smiled once more looking at her flipflops. This time more confident. And happy with herself.


2 thoughts on “A Red Nano

  1. Hay, my sweet neighbour! This is cute story, and I really loved the name ‘insiyah’ and her character too..this storyy has sucha scintillating expression that I kept on smiling till end
    Keeep it up 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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