School would get over earlier that day. And Bridget was excited since morning. She loved taking a detour through that little forest on her way back. As soon as the bell rang, she got up to pack, ignoring her friends and their suspicious glances, she stuffed her books inside and shoved her pouch further into […]


As she walked across the street bathed in morning sunshine and a little drizzle, on her way back from the groceries. She heard the distant humming of footsteps falling in unison and the animated voices of people talking excitedly to one another. If it was any other day, she would have been in a hurry […]


Leaves of autumn fly low, With the wind that blows on the pavements; Nobody knows where they go, By the evening twilight, They fly away.. And when summer comes. Leaves of spring bloom out, From twigs and branches anew; At the tips, lush green They shine bright in the sunlight, And nod their dainty heads […]

Antoine Norman

Antoine Norman was a tourist. He liked to take photographs. And he usually travelled alone. He liked it that way. With a brown haversack and a dark green coffee flask strung from his shoulder, he could wander off to places we can only imagine. You’d see him scouring the streets of Bombay near the Fort […]


The man stood outside the door, restless. Pacing back and forth. Glancing inside the shop once and walking for a few minutes then pausing to look in and again resuming his pacing. His hands were in his coat pockets. He brought them out only to rub them together sometime and then blow onto them before […]

A Red Nano

A Red Nano car sped past Insiyah on the wet road, missing her by just a few inches. It was drizzling and it was an hour past sunset. The road glinted in the yellow street lamps and Insiyah stood with her umbrella at one side, a little unfocussed. She watched the Nano make an arc, […]


It was raining when Raima came out of the building. Her friends had promised to pick her up at 5 from Thunderpoint. But there was no sign of her friend’s car anywhere near the entrance of the building. She hated waiting. The moment she came out from under the building’s entrance into the footpath, it […]